Web Design, E-Commerce, Logistics, Consulting, App and Software Development

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Web Design, E-Commerce, Logistics, Consulting, App and Software Development

How can Bekatec help me move my business online?

Since the pandemic has accelerated change, it has become even more urgent for businesses to not just move their existing presence online, but to pivot to fully online, scaleable processes. Do you need to be able to sell your merchandise, services, or products online, and figure out how to get what you sell online to markets or the consumer? Do you need help with efficiently integrating these online processes with your existing workflow and systems? Do you need new ways of doing things in order to let your customers do online, from anywhere, what they could only do offline before?

Bekatec has decades of experience building and maintaining hundreds of complex websites and e-commerce solutions all over the globe. Bekatec can help you build not just a custom E-Commerce solution, but we also know how to integrate that solution with your current operations, inventory management systems, and logistics. Bekatec also develops and manages new logistics concepts. Whether you are a small retailer wanting an online shop for your website or an enterprise customer with current offline operations at scale, we will help you get your product or merchandise to the customer once they have placed their online order, and we will help you implement efficient returns management. Bekatec knows how to move all your processes online using either standard tools or custom solutions.

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The jargon for those who insist on knowing the details: Bekatec has decades of experience in project management, costing, resource planning, software support (JIRA etc.), interfaces, scheduling & timing, Prince2, roll out management, campaign management, content management and social media.

Our 35 in-house staff and rapidly scaleable teams of cost-efficient freelancers and subcontractors do planning and concept development (site map, design, programming, layout and realization) for our clients, website building (HTML5, CSS, PHP, JS) and web shops (Shopware, Shopify etc. or fully customized) with a mobile first approach, content management (WordPress, AEM) and maintenance, content review, content localization, and content optimization. Bekatec’s expertise and experience includes platform optimization (desktop, mobile, tablet), social media implementation, online applications, and calendars.

Project Team

We have our own web designers and graphic designers to help you develop your corporate identity (cross channel & POS) as well as brand development experts, logo design and video and multimedia specialists, and we work with freelance photographers to make you and your products look amazing.

Bekatec does software development in house, including app development and using Java, C#, Unity 3D etc.; we are experienced with backend/frontend development, mobile, desktop, and embedded.

Bekatec uses content automation, big data, and AI-based technologies and stays abreast of current technological developments in a rapidly changing environment to make sure our clients continue to benefit from cutting edge technology and never fall behind.

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