Basic Content Team

Basic Content Services

Bekatec’s Basic Content offer is a simple, project-based content team solution. Through the analysis of your website, we develop cost and time-saving customization proposals for your current editing routines. We consider your existing website architecture and tools you already use and their compatibility as a basis for updating and optimizing your websites. With content migration and the integration of your text, image, and video content, we work to develop standardizations of your complex editing workflows.

Quality control of content control increases the effectiveness of its expansion, updating, and maintenance.

Basic Content Team

Services Include:

  • Project-based content migration and content control based on your existing website architecture

Content Editing

  • Migration and integration of text, image, and video content into the existing web presence and utilizing existing tools for content maintenance (products in the store or content on the website)
  • Four-eyes principle for quality assurance

Content Management

  • Analysis of existing web content including reporting (one-time with suggestions for improvement)
  • Quality control of the new content to be implemented, also considering the feasibility of the web presence
  • Billing per call-off budget or hourly based on a fixed period
  • Availability during regular working hours (8 am to 8 pm, Monday to Friday, excluding holidays)

System maintenance

  • i.e., regular updates and adaptations to changing requirements
  • Availability during regular working hours: 8 am to 8 pm, Monday to Friday

Basic Content Team

Content Management

Content Editing

Available during regular work hours

Content customization

Project management and content coordination

Team coordination and coordination of third-party editors

Content-side system maintenance

Content creation

Content preparation of video

24-hour service

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