Design, Photography, & Video

Design, Photography, & Video

Show off your company’s best side, both online and offline. Bekatec’s in-house design department can handle all tasks related to the visual design of your online presence from layout and colour design to logo development and image and video editing. We can develop, create, or relaunch your complete corporate design together in collaboration with you – helping you show your company’s best side, both online and offline.

Corporate Design

We understand that the visual presentation of your company needs to be consistent with your corporate identity. Bekatec will develop a corporate design tailored to your needs, helping to match your brand with strong recognition value. Together with you, our team of brand experts and designers develop your image, ensuring quality presentation digitally and analogously. We can design your logo, colour concept, images, typography, and anything else you need for effective marketing – even professional image and video editing.

Our specialists suggest ideas and designs that suit your company and work to develop the design further to perfect your visual brand identity on the web. Next, we visually implement your ideas and design them according to your unique needs and goals.

We offer a diverse range of options available to help create the visual identity of your company, including print formats such as business cards, letterheads, promotional materials, and brochures. From large graphics such as foils and flags for trade fairs to vehicle advertising and custom lettering, Bekatec can bring your brand to life through the creation of a consistent and uniform corporate design.

Expert design for your website
and online store

Because web design is a complex process and includes more than just the visual appearance, we also develop and optimize the structural and conceptual design of your website or online store. A structural analysis is conducted and evaluated based on the current state of your website’s usability and goal achievement.

Based on these findings and with your goals in mind, Bekatec designs a new page structure that better suits your needs and web design standards.

Bringing your brand to life
with a marketing concept

Finally, we develop a marketing concept based on the design and functionality of your website including graphic elements and eye-catchers. Eye guidance, effects, lively clicking such as mouseover effects or highlighting etc., are also defined as well as functionalities (short paths to purchase), and special effects are considered to add dynamic and lively elements to your website to improve the overall user experience.

Bekatec can also create graphic elements such as illustrations and infographics to match your products and services. This work is done in coordination with our SEO experts to ensure all your content is optimized and more able to reach your customers.

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