Enterprise Content Team

Enterprise Content Services

Our Enterprise Content offering is a comprehensive content team solution for all your business needs. Through the analysis of your website, we develop cost and time-saving customization proposals for your current editing routines. We consider your existing website architecture and tools you already use and their compatibility as a basis for updating and optimizing your websites.

Content Creation and Customization

With your specifications and the analysis of your company in mind, we create or adapt the on-page optimization of your texts, images, and videos. This optimization is not only for your customers but also helps to increase your Google ranking through SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

The customized processes of full-service content migration and integration coupled with text, image, and video content integration cultivate new optimization possibilities for your workflows. For example, they simplify adjustments in content control and system maintenance, for constant expansion, updating, and optimization of your content.

Quality Control

In addition to content creation and customization, Bekatec provides quality control and quality management for new and existing content. We also provide internal content and comprehensive team coordination, including third-party editors. Our dedicated project management team then takes over the coordinated management of related sub-projects for you, saving you time and money.

Enterprise Content Team

Services Include:

  • Full-service content migration, content control and system maintenance, based on existing website architecture, and modification and preparation of web content. Control of sub-projects within the booked period

Content Creation, Preparation & Adaptation

  • We provide SEO-optimized content creation or adaptation, i.e., updating and optimizing your text, image, and video content to help reach your customers and SEO adaptation for the Google Search Engine
  • If necessary, separate image editing and alternative text implementation and corporate design adaptation are also available to ensure accessibility for all visitors
  • Text upgrade: readability, SEO relevance and target group focus
  • Creation of graphics, and promotion material, including product and object photos
  • iFrame Solutions

Content Editing CMS

  • Migration and integration of text, image, and video content onto your existing websites using existing content maintenance tools
  • Four eyes principle for quality assurance

Content Management

  • Analysis of existing content including reporting
  • Quality control of new content to be implemented
  • Content and project management
  • Team coordination including third-party editors
  • Content side-system maintenance
  • Vacation replacement

System maintenance

  • i.e., regular updates and adaptations to changing requirements
  • Availability during regular working hours: 8 am to 8 pm, Monday to Friday

Enterprise Content Team

Customized content management

Content editing

Available during regular work hours

Content customization

Project management and content coordination

Team coordination and coordination of third-party editors

System maintenance

Content creation and adaptation

Video content preparation

24-hour service

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