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Launch your online shop

Are you ready to have an online store? Are you looking to sell your goods or services online through e-commerce but don’t want to settle on website quality? Do you want an online store designed according to e-commerce standards, with up-to-date design, SEO content, and optimized digital marketing so you can reach customers worldwide?

With Bekatec’s scalable, standardized e-commerce and logistics fulfillment strategies, we can help you establish your company in any digital sales market.

Your E-Commerce & Logistics Solution

Now more than ever, companies are looking to move to fully online, scalable processes. We offer an integrated logistics fulfillment solution to leverage your company’s digital reach and ensure your products and services are globally accessible.

In collaboration with you, Bekatec will develop an online store concept including layout, colours, logos, and fonts, all individually adapted to your business and brand. Formal requirements such as legal texts and contact templates are considered, and shipping and payment concepts are developed.

Once products are placed in the store, we assist with the digital adaptation and on-page SEO optimization of all your new content to make sure products and services reach their target markets, getting your offer in front of your ideal customers.

Next, your online store marketing concept and corporate identity become the focus – including paid advertising channels and their budgets and scheduling.

To track the performance of your online store, Bekatec implements Google Analytics for regular analysis such as user number monitoring. We also provide basic training to ensure you know how to navigate your new store and understand the various functionalities.

We integrate invoice management and payment providers (accepted by both your company and suitable national or international transport service providers) into your system and prepare your business for the future with a new, highly functional, visually pleasing online store.

Drawing upon our decades of experience reaching international markets, together with you, Bekatec analyzes your business (the opportunities and risks) and makes recommendations for your new online store. We collaborate to develop a plan for marketing measures that make the most sense – and have the most impact – for your business.

Plan to watch your business grow!

An e-commerce and logistics fulfillment online store by Bekatec is scalable at any time and offers optional update and maintenance services.

Bekatec develops individually adapted online stores that can be expanded at any time as your business grows.

With your design specifications in mind, we set up store structures along with common payment and shipping service providers to ensure your products and services can reach your customers quickly and easily.

Bekatec Online Solutions Inc.  Bekatec provides solutions for e-commerce logistics.

Creating your SEO-optimized
online store and digital marketing concept

Bekatec is ready to support you in building a complete, SEO-adapted e-commerce online store, complete with an effective marketing concept and logistics fulfillment solution to help your business thrive.

Our in-house experts advise you on the development and structuring of your new online store and ensure the SEO optimization meets the Google Search Engine criteria. We ensure that your offer starts directly with extended acquisition reach and a strong digital marketing concept.

Merchandise Management Systems

Working with you, Bekatec will build a custom e-commerce inventory management solution and integrate it into the daily operations of your online store. Our expert web design, SEO content, and IT teams help to implement all your ideal e-commerce and logistics fulfillment solutions to ensure processes are streamlined and business runs smoothly.

Our project management team works to develop customized and comprehensive logistics solutions, supporting you with integration into your inventory management system and daily workflows.

Whatever your online business need, Bekatec can help!

Easy financing options to help
turn your dreams into reality.

Bekatec offers attractive prices and installment
financing options that are easy on your budget,
offering payment terms of up to two years.

Services Include:

  • Coordinating project management
  • Content management with classic content editing (CMS)
  • Content development and optimization including SEO requirement consideration
  • Up-to-date web and graphic design, including the development of your corporate identity (cross-channel & POS)
  • IT Development, with individual software development and customization and app development for all common formats
  • IT Services with the provision and development of technical requirements, i.e., individual interfaces
  • Merchandise management integration
  • Logistics fulfillment strategy

With our e-commerce and logistics fulfillment strategies, your products will be optimally presented and advertised, and your services and goods will reach your customers quickly and reliably all over the world!

Scope of Services

  • Installation of the latest Shopware version 6
  • Master data, tax rates, number ranges
  • Customization of header and footer for the documents credit bill, delivery bill, shipping notification, invoice, and cancellation invoice
  • Custom e-mail header and footer
  • Integration of the standard payment methods: prepayment, cash on delivery, PayPal, and invoice. (Other payment methods optionally available)
  • Integration of the standard shipping methods: standard, free, and express shipping. (Additional shipping methods and shipping modules are optionally available)
  • Integration of existing standard texts: General terms and conditions, data protection, imprint, shipping and payment information, and cancellation policy
  • Shipping and payment logos in the footer
  • Attachment of product categories
  • Customization of design and theme colours i.e., primary colour, secondary colour, border, background, and buttons
  • Customization of header and footer, i.e., logo, search box, buttons, and footer menu
  • Integration of fonts from Google Fonts library
  • Integration of existing photos, graphics, and content
  • Tracking of customer behaviour (Google Analytics / Google Tag Manager setup)
  • A basic introduction to the backend of Shopware 6: basics of creating products, order processing, and editing store and homepage texts
  • Optional Additional Service Flat Rate
  • Shopware hosting (incl. 1x .ca or .com domain)
  • Weekly store backup
  • Shopware 6 update service – all minor updates of Shopware version 6 are installed regularly (monthly)
  • Fees for SSL, hosting on Canadian servers

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