Bekatec & Fullstory

At Bekatec, we understand how integral user experience is to the success of your online business – it is vital to converting visitors into customers, increasing revenues, and creating a reputable online presence. That’s why we’ve partnered with Fullstory, a web analytics platform that provides deep insights into the experience of your website users.

What is Fullstory?

Fullstory is a comprehensive analytics tool that allows you to track and analyze the behaviour of your website users in real time. Using autocapture, Fullstory automatically logs every interaction on your website including mouse movements, scrolling, clicks, and keystrokes, and then analyzes and presents the data in a variety of formats, allowing you to gain valuable insights into how customers use your website – and where it falls short – so you can make the necessary improvements to ensure your visitors have the best online experience possible.

With our custom integration services, Bekatec works with you to seamlessly integrate Fullstory into your website, providing training and ongoing analytics support to ensure you get the most out of this powerful analytics tool. Our in-house experts guide the entire process, from implementation to utilization, helping you to understand the features and functionalities available to help your online business grow.

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How Can Fullstory Benefit
Your Online Business?

By providing valuable insights into how your users are interacting with and navigating your website, Fullstory allows you to identify areas where user experience can be optimized and provide targeted support to address user issues more effectively.

Through the segmentation of user data by various factors such as geographic location, device type, and referral source, you will gain a better understanding of how different user segments interact with your website, targeting optimizations to improve their experience.

Fullstory also helps you understand how users are interacting with your products so you can make informed decisions about product development and prioritize the features that are most important to your customers.

Analysis of conversion funnels and user behaviour allows you to identify and fix bottlenecks in the conversion process. By analyzing and addressing conversion barriers, you can make data-driven decisions about how to optimize your site for increased conversions and revenue.

Key Features

Fullstory records every user interaction with a website, allowing you to replay sessions and see exactly how users interact with your website. This information will help you to decrease your website’s bounce rate, improve navigation, and help convert visitors into customers.

Fullstory makes it easy to search through your user data, allowing you to find specific sessions and analyze user behaviour in more detail.

Generated heatmaps show which areas of your website are receiving the most clicks, helping you identify areas that may need improvement.

Fullstory allows you to track and analyze your conversion funnels, helping you identify the areas where your users are dropping off and take steps to improve the overall user experience.

FullStory integrates with a wide range of other marketing and analytics tools, enabling easy data collection from multiple sources so you can gain a more comprehensive understanding of user behaviour.

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