Platinum Analysis

Platinum Analysis Package

The Platinum Analysis Package from Bekatec offers a comprehensive analysis of your visibility among target groups, as well as current trends and problems.

Based on this data, we create recommendations to solve identified problems and outline necessary SEO adjustments and optimizations for your website.

You will receive the results of these analyses clearly summarized in a presentation. A comprehensive technical check of your website is included in the Platinum Analysis Package. Here we check the technical framework of your digital presentation such as the web server version, performance data, and the technical implementation, using a comprehensive set of test parameters. We summarize the results of the technical check for you in detail in a presentation.

If website monitoring is not already established, we will do so through software such as Nagios. We evaluate the monitoring and provide an analysis for you in a presentation. As a Platinum customer, you also get read and write access to the GTM/GA analysis account including your own user administration.

The Platinum Analysis Package can be booked alternatively 1x per month, 1x every two weeks, or 1x per week. The minimum term is 3 months.

Platinum Analysis

Services Include:

  • Status analysis of visibility to your target groups, SEO status of your content, current trends, and problems, presented in a report
  • Comparison to older analyses and optimization recommendations, presented in a report
  • Read access to the analysis account as well as own GTM/GA account with write access to account and property, with own user management
  • Comprehensive technical check of your website, prepared as a presentation
  • Monitoring evaluation, prepared as a presentation
  • Minimum duration 3 months, bookable monthly, bi-weekly or weekly

Platinum Analysis

Analysis and preparation of the current status of visibility among target groups

Comparison with older analyses

Recommendations for improvement

Creation of a report

Read and write access to analysis account

Bookable 1x per month, 1x two weeks or 1x per week

Technical check of your web presence

Trend analyses

Write access to analysis account

Own user administration

Preparation as presentation

Evaluation monitoring

Training / Workshops

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