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How can I keep my content current?

First impressions matter – and so does your website content. 

At Bekatec, we not only help customers find your website through our expert Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but we facilitate the best first impression possible with up-to-date, current, and engaging content, helping you attract customers and convert visits into sales. 

In the competitive online marketplace, your content needs to stand out to get noticed. Customers won’t settle for outdated, irrelevant information and visuals, and neither will search engines. With algorithms constantly changing, if you want your content to rank high and reach customers, regular updates show that you’re a reputable source for information and services. 

Whether your website needs a complete content overhaul or ongoing routine updates, we can help. Our skilled staff will bring innovative solutions to all of your content challenges, breathing life into your website and helping you to build and maintain trust and engagement with your customers.

Our web development experts can provide periodic review to ensure all your content is regularly updated and kept current including all text, video, and visual content. With Search Engine Optimization and accessibility standards in mind, Bekatec makes sure your content is not only engaging, but is highly visible and accessible to your target audience, anywhere in the world. 

The digital landscape is always evolving and expanding, with new trends emerging and functionalities being introduced regularly. Outdated content creates unnecessary barriers to customer acquisition and retention by reducing your reach and increasing bounce rates. Through detailed analysis and review, our web development experts identify content gaps and make recommendations for areas of improvement. 

Considerations can include:

  • Review your SEO and current keywords to ensure your website is ranking effectively and reaching your target audience and customer base.
  • Develop ideas and examine your competitors to help you stay one step ahead of the competition. 
  • Review your current content and design to ensure that it is as current and relevant as possible.
  • Align your content with current trends and eliminate what is no longer useful.
  • Add powerful multimedia elements as required and as technologies evolve with new features becoming available.
  • Check, update, and fix broken links.
  • Review loading speed of pages to ensure that content is presented to the user in a timely manner.
  • Increase mobile compatibility to ensure your website will render smoothly and as intended on mobile devices.

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