IT Services

IT Services

Whatever your IT needs, Bekatec can help. Our IT Services & Development Team identifies your hardware and software needs, creates the necessary structures, and develops the required interfaces, helping you to stay on top of all your technological needs.

We install and configure any size server installation and infrastructure. Whether in the LAN or the cloud, single servers, or clustering – Bekatec can create a scalable and customized solution.

Modern requirements for mass data processing are difficult to implement economically with conventional solutions. In many cases where a normal database used to be sufficient, a BigData solution is needed. Bekatec helps to identify upcoming problems and supports the setup of a future-proof solution.

Sometimes the problem is very small, and space is very limited. In the field of micro servers and Internet-of-Things, Bekatec can help to successfully implement special requirements at minimum costs.

Our internationally experienced professionals support you at every stage in the life of a website, from planning to implementation. Technology can be determined by you, the customer, or prepared by us, and we take care of maintenance or further development of existing systems.

Not every website looks equally good on every platform – often technical problems prevent the optimal implementation of good concepts. Outsourcing can be a solution, but it is not always desirable to put your entire web presence in external hands. Bekatec is happy to support your development and editorial teams in identifying and sustainably solving specific technical problems and are just a call away if a new problem emerges.

Sometimes you just want to maintain what has already been built. Bekatec takes over the maintenance and technical updating of existing websites, and if desired, the supervision of the functionality (monitoring) including regular reports and recommendations.

From market analysis and planning to the complete implementation and configuration of your online store, Bekatec is there to help and advise you all along the way. For most projects we use Shopware, but our in-house teams also have expertise in other store systems. We are ready to cover entire complex or individual activities.

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