Advanced Website Solution for Startups

Advanced Website Solution

  • Are you self-employed or running a small business or large organization?
  • Do you have content that needs to be updated or maintained regularly?
  • Do you need a more meaningful and up-to-date website, active social media channel, and informative blog?

Build your corporate identity
with an advanced website by Bekatec.

Our Advanced Website solution will help your business stand out in a competitive marketplace, from the design of your digital corporate identity through to the opening of your digital store. Offering unique website design individually tailored to the needs and goals of your business, this service includes design, creation, and updating so you can achieve calculable costs.

From planning and conceptual design to the development and creation of your advanced website, we support you to create an attractive online presence that you’ll be proud to share with your stakeholders and customers.

Our team of in-house experts will collaborate with you to ensure the seamless creation of your website. Graphic designers, copywriters, and technicians will work with you to create a consistent design, structure, and layout for your website, social media accounts, and blogs.

All texts for imprint, privacy policy, terms and conditions, and other legal requirements will be integrated by us, including required cookie banners, and Google Analytics will be integrated to analyze your website traffic.

Bekatec’s SEO and content specialists will adapt and optimize text and image content and integrate free industry-specific plugins, helping your company achieve higher search engine ranking and making your business more visible to your customers.

Why waste time and resources engaging with different agencies to fulfil your business goals? With Bekatec, you get all necessary services from one source, providing a cost and time-effective solution for your website needs.
The Advanced Website product is one of two digital products that Bekatec offers as standardized solutions, predefined in scope and price.

Modern office space.  Bekatec provides solutions for Web Design and Ecommerce

Are you seeking a cost-effective solution for your digital corporate identity?

Look no further than our → Website Construction Kit system!

Bekatec’s Website Construction Kit offers a diverse selection of standardized, pre-built solutions suitable for various industries.

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